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Cindy is bored. It is her birthday but the party is not much fun. After a couple of drinks she kneels down and takes the closest dick into her mouth. Soon her example is followed by the other and before you know it a complete orgy is going on. Of course, Petra has turned eighteen today and as a surprise her classmates, her teacher and the director of the school have organised a party for her. After she has done a striptease the director shoves his dick all the way into her throat and soon her teacher joins in too!
Some parties can get pretty boring but at this one the birthday girl is in for a surprise as two of the guests start touching her up, right in the middle of the crowd. That is the starting signal for the whole group to get undressed... During her birthday party Paula is in a very horny mood. One of the guys notices that. He takes her to the kitchen and shoves his hand into her panties. As an answer Paul gets his dick out and soon the both of them are screwing away!

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It is Natalii's eighteens birthday and the party is in full fling. Challenged by her visitors she does a striptease in the middle of the room. This turns her on so much that she takes her boyfriend to the adjoining bedroom for a good fuck. Finally Lucie is of legal age and she certainly makes use of the situation: Every guy at her birthday party gets his cock sucked by her and while her girlfriends are dancing around half naked Lucie experiences her very first fuck!

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Birthday parties are always great fun, especially when people start playing around with whipped cream. The birthday girl is challenged to have her tits covered with it and that results in a pretty horny threesome in her bedroom. It is Marieke's birthday and boy, has she been looking forward to it! Everyone is in a horny mood and soon people are dropping their clothes on the floor. Marieke drops to her knees to give two guy a blow job before both of them fuck her!

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Again we land in the middle of a birthday party and this time a blonde party animal is giving her boyfriend a preliminary blow ob on the balcony before her other friends arrive. The booze starts flowing soon but birthday girl is having it off with two guys! It is Petra's birthday and after everyone has congratulated her the crowd decides to play spin the bottle. The birthday girl gets the first spin and the bottle points a a nice guy across the room. According to the rules she has to spend the next half hour with him in her bedroom...

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All persons depicted in Filthy Teen Party were over the age of 18 years at the time they were photographed or filmed.